MI2 Sense

So, you’ve heard about MedStar Health’s new social collaboration tool, MI2 Sense, and you’re ready to get started. What do you do next?

These videos will walk you through some of the common questions people have when starting out.

MI2 Sense Quick Start – 3 Steps

Do this first.  Update your MI2 Sense profile.This first video covers what you should do when you first log in… Set up your profile. The very point of having MI2 Sense in place is to allow collaboration in a professional and social environment.

Well, your profile is one important way for people across the organization to get to know you. The other is through your positive contributions to our work community. (Combine the two and you have people mentioning you in a good way throughout the organization)

Here are your links to the MI2 Sense Profile tutorial video: [QuickTime]

Using MI2 Sense Efficiently

This is not another thing you have to log into. Learn how to use MI2 Sense efficiently.MI2 Sense is not something else you have to log into or another channel you have to devote attention to. It is a social collaboration tool that, if used appropriately, can easily fit right into your workflow and improve efficiency and focus.

In this video, learn one way to use MI2 Sense efficiently. This is perfect for committees, departments, or any other focused work.

More “best practices” videos are coming soon. Here’s the first of them: [QuickTime]

Ways to Login to MI2 Sense

There are many ways to access your MI2 Sense communityThere are several ways of getting to the MI2 Sense login screen. This video shows you some of those spots within the MI2 website, as well as the web address to use like MI2sense.com and others. In the future, your one login to your desktop within the MedStar network will automatically log you into MI2 Sense (saving us all from having to remember one more dag-gone login… be patient though, this is still in beta).

Here are the ways to login:

    • Click on the MI2 Sense icon (wherever you see it)
    • Choose “About MI2 Sense” from the “About” tab on the MI2 website and then choose “Login”
    • Set up your devices (Blackberry, Droid, iPhone, desktop, SharePoint, and others) – covered in another video
    • Click HERE

Here are your links to the Login Options video: [QuickTime]

How To Post/Share on MI2 Sense

Post an update to the MedStar Health CommunityUnlike email, where you have to know who you want to interrupt with your message to send it to them, MI2 Sense takes a different approach. You share something with the community and those who are interested “raise their hand” and effectively say, “Hey, I’m interested in that too”. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to share something and to post an update.

You can also post to specific groups or send private messages. Those will be covered in separate videos.

Here are your links to the Posting Public Updates video: [QuickTime]

How To Edit or Delete A Post (and actually suck it out of cyberspace)

One of the sweetest features of MI2 Sense - pulling back a message you already sentHaven’t you ever hit send on an email and then were like, “Oh No! I didn’t mean to send that to everyone!”? Yeah. We all have.

One of the biggest problems with email is that once it goes, it’s out there – there’s not retracting it. Well, not so with MI2 Sense. You can delete a post & it will delete it across every instance of it (the web, desktops, iPhones, Droids) with only one exception… Yep, you guessed it… email. If someone has their MI2 Sense account set up to receive email alerts, then a portion of your undesirable message will be sent to their email the moment you send it. And there’s no way to reach into an email account and pull it out.

Anyway, this short tutorial shows you how to retract your posts after you sent them. It’s easy. Check it out:

“At Mentions” – Why and How To Use Them

What to do when mentioning someone else within your postsWhen you mention someone within a post, you can do several things at the same time:

  • Let someone know that you mentioned them
  • Make their name a link to their profile
  • Connect people who may not be following each other yet

This video covers how to utilize the @ mention feature:

Create a Group

Create a group specific to your interests, committees, etcThere are many reasons where you might want to create a group. You might want an existing committee or community to have a means of communication outside of actual meetings, etc. You might want to reach out to people in other disciplines about something related to work that you care about – imagine nurses, environmental services, doctors, and techs all discussing waste reduction, or infection control, or fall prevention. Or perhaps you want to create a group around a single event – planning an inter-department bowling night, a hospital town hall meeting, or something like that.

The point is, there are a number of reasons creating a group might be beneficial. And the best part, it’s easy peasy.

Here are your links to the Creating Groups video: [QuickTime]

More tutorials coming soon.

Is there another type of tutorial you want to see? Post it in the comments below…