Intro to Inventor Services

An Introduction To MedStar Inventor Services

How To Bring Your Great Ideas To Market

(Forums are intended for MedStar Associates only. External parties seeking additional information on MedStar Inventor Services please email: disclosure [at] MI2 [dot] org)

What are the forums?:

Fast-paced presentations that introduce a comprehensive set of services to help MedStar associates commercialize and bring to market their best ideas.

Who should watch these videos and listen to the MP3s?:

Creative MedStar Associates of all types: Laboratory Technicians, Nurses, IT Managers, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Physical Plant Staff, Administrators…

Every part of the MedStar Family is invited.

Why should we watch and listen?:

  • Have a great idea but don’t know what to do next?
  • Want to know what makes a good idea a great invention?
  • Wondering how MedStar can help transform your invention into a commercial product or service from which you can benefit directly?
  • Well, you’re in the right place. Here are the forum materials…

Healthcare Inventor Services Forum VideosVideos (MOV and Flash):

  • Introduction to MedStar Inventor Services [Flash] – Mark Smith, MD
  • My Personal Journey As A Surgeon-Entrepreneur – Thomas Graham, MD
  • Innovation and Commercialization – Cleveland Clinic – Chris Coburn
  • The Healthcare Venture Capital Perspective – Andrew Firlik, MD [This presentation is only available within the MedStar Network]
  • MedStar Inventor Services – How It Will Work For You – Amit Shah, MD
  • Conclusion – Tom Thornton

MedStar Inventor Services - Audio DownloadsAudio Files (MP3):

Healthcare Inventor Services Slides DownloadPresentation Slides (PDF):


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MedStar Inventor Services, a division of MedStar Institute for Innovation working in conjunction and collaboration with MedStar Health Research Institute