TED MED 2013

TED MED at MedStar Health - Innovation

Live Broadcast at MedStar Union Memorial
Hospital & MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Wednesday, April 17 & Thursday, April 18

What is TEDMED?

  • Rapid-fire, provocative talks lasting less than 18 minutes each throughout ten 90-minute sessions over three days
  • Experts and leaders within and beyond the health and medical profession

Who Should Attend?

  • Associates of MedStar Health—physicians, nurses, technicians, IT personnel, physical therapists, physical plant staff, administrators, etc…

Why Attend?

  • Think Differently – Transform the way you view healthcare and medicine in your everyday environment
  • Prevent the tyranny of the daily from trumping the pursuit of the remarkable – Take a step away from your daily work and see what you can discover!
  • Connect with other creative and passionate MedStar associates, as well as directly with the speakers during the live broadcast via a mobile app.

When & Where to Attend?

Who Is Scheduled To Speak?

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Is There An App For That?

TEDMED 2013 iPad App
TEDMED 2013 iPhone App

Brought to MedStar Health by:
MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2)

Sponsored by:
The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

For more information visit TEDMED.com;
TEDMED is an independent event; TED logo used under license from TED Conferences, LLC