Sports innovation

Game-Changers – A Tale of Two Footballs

Sports innovation - football's debt to soccerVery few football fans under the age of 60 can tell you who Pete Gogolak is, but when he stepped onto the field wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey in the autumn of 1964, he irrevocably changed the face of the game. He took a fairly mundane part of the game, the field goal, applied some old world logic, and voila, the wheels were set in motion that changed the way field goals would be kicked from there on out. More

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Game-Changers – Innovators Not Afraid to Flop

Have you ever asked yourself why we do something a certain way? Most likely your answer will be, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Or maybe, “Because my parents always did it this way.” Perhaps you’ve said, “ If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

There are a myriad of excuses why we’re seemingly satisfied with the so-called status quo. But they’re just that: excuses. It takes a truly innovative person to go against the flow and create a new way, a better way, of doing things. More

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