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Good Design, Bad Design – 3 Must-Know Principles

Human Factors and Design - Did You Ever Pull on a Push Door?Have you ever pulled on a door when you should have pushed? How about hitting “Reply to All” when you meant to send it to only one person? Have you ever found yourself having to “think too much” when trying to complete a simple task?

Well, check out this video. It’s not your fault… More

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Cognitive Illusions: Barriers to Healthcare Innovation?

Cognitive Illusions: Barriers to Health Innovation?In a world of evidence-based guidelines, reams of patient education material, penalties for readmissions, and board rooms full of red and green report cards, many of us quietly wonder… Are we missing something? Because… it just doesn’t feel right.

In this TED video, Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational, raises the question: “Are we in control of our decisions?” More

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Can Games Help Cure Disease?

Games As Health Innovations?Can games help us prevent or cure disease? Improve patient compliance? Make a safer health environment? Or improve medical education?

In this TED MED talk, Steve Cole from HopeLab discusses cancer therapy and the game Remission. Watch this video and explore the role of play and games in health innovation. More

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Metaphorically Speaking

Our Words, Our Metaphors and Innovation In HealthcareHealthcare has its own lexicon, its own jargon, and its own set of metaphors. This language we use, the words we choose, the manner in which we forge them into sentences, and the metaphors we use to sculpt ideas can all have a profound impact on innovation in the healthcare space… for better or for worse.

Watch this James Geary video from the TED talks: More

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Biomimicry and Innovation – The Anticrobial Secrets of Shark Skin

Sometimes, in order to find the best solutions, we need to look no further than nature itself. Researchers from a variety of disciplines have tapped into this idea and are busy at work studying sharks.

Mimicking sharks seems only natural when you consider the marvel of their design. With a hydrodynamic shape, water moves smoothly over the More

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Innovation in Learning – Changing Education Paradigms

Innovation in Learning - Changing Education ParadigmsWhen something has been around for decades and remains virtually unchanged, one of two things holds true…

(a) It is so well-designed, it is not in need of change, or

(b) It is in need of change and is therefore, ripe for innovation. More

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Patient Safety and the BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster?

BP Oil Spill and Patient SafetyTo Better Is Human™… That is the mantra with which Dr. Fairbanks leads MedStar Health’s human factors engineering efforts. Some may find despair in disaster. But a strong urge within all of us seeks the opportunity in it. Watch this intriguing video on what we can learn from the BP oil disaster.

In this 30 minute video series from MI2′s Innovations In… Patient Safety Forum, Dr. Terry Fairbanks explores the similarities in the culture of BP prior to the oil disaster of 2010 and the “House of Medicine”. More

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Sliced Bread – What Took So Long?

One of the best ideas since sliced breadYou have an idea… You might even think that it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

There’s a problem though. It’s success does not depend on the value of your idea, alone… It depends more on its distribution.

In short, it’s the spread, not the bread. More

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The Oil Industry Preventing PE? – The Story of the Greenfield Filter

Intersectional thinking - Greenfield filterFaced with a common postoperative problem, preventing thromboemboli (blood clots) without using blood thinners, Dr. Lazar Greenfield had to look outside of healthcare for a solution. He considered filters, but the only filters used up until that time tended to create more problems than they solved. Flat screen filters would only add to venous obstruction and provide a nidus for more thrombus – creating a situation every bit as serious as the one it was intended to prevent.

So, where could Dr. Greenfield look to find a workable design for his intravenous filter? More

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Mining the Periphery – Gold Rush’s 1st Millionaire Found No Gold

Sam BrannanSometimes the path is obvious… it’s an easy choice. After all, everyone’s heading that way. Well, sometimes, what you seek lies not in the obvious choice. Sometimes, it’s in the periphery. Let’s take a trip back to the mid 1800′s to meet California’s first millionaire.

During the Gold Rush of 1849, Sam Brannan earned his fortune, but not by panning for it in the American River… More

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Game-Changers – Innovators Not Afraid to Flop

Have you ever asked yourself why we do something a certain way? Most likely your answer will be, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Or maybe, “Because my parents always did it this way.” Perhaps you’ve said, “ If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

There are a myriad of excuses why we’re seemingly satisfied with the so-called status quo. But they’re just that: excuses. It takes a truly innovative person to go against the flow and create a new way, a better way, of doing things. More

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