Innovation and Facility Design Workshop

Innovation and Strategic Design for HealthcareThe patients are sicker. There’s fewer staff. Technology is outpacing your facility’s ability to adopt it. Data management systems are being revamped. The Emergency Department is over-capacity. And in the midst of all of this, you must be prepared for larger scale emergency. Such is the plight of ED Directors everywhere.

So, you want a re-design. You want an overhaul. Well, guess what? You’ve got one shot… a one-time opportunity to employ evidence-based physical design strategies. The Center For Health Design and MI2 hear you.

On June 28-29, 2012, the Center for Health Design’s Pebble Project, in conjunction with The MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) held a one and a half day immersion to inform strategies for an effective, efficient and safe new Emergency Department.

Strategic Design:

Strategic design integrates the vision of future demand, market, healthcare finance and technology into an operationally efficient and successful emergency department. It is not simply designing the “ED of the Future”—nor the most efficient ED of today—but is a measured design response the meets the programmatic and operational needs of today while looking outward towards the future with new delivery concepts, technology and anticipation of demand.

What Took Place:

Attendees engaged in interactive design methods and models workshops, visited an internationally acclaimed emergency department, were exposed to a mixture of peer-vetted world class benchmark ED design case-studies, learned from thought provoking keynote speakers, and networked with like-minded professionals. Faculty authorities offered their real-life “lessons learned” to express the “how and why” that underscore proposed strategies. In this small workshop setting, experts interacted directly with participants to address key challenges their respective departments were facing.

The program included an advanced, intensive curriculum that included:

  • Essential elements and strategies to use design methodology to improve ED operations.
  • Design process solutions for a broad spectrum of ED operational issues.
  • ED facility models that work for some, but not for others
  • Emergency preparedness and other adjacency considerations

Leadership and Faculty:

Center for Health Design - Pebble Project Health Innovation In Facility Design

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