Could #Unstainable mean #Uninfectable?

Mike Gillam, 28 April 2015


For years, if your doctor wore a tie, you may have had reason to be concerned – but could new technology bring ties back to medicine?

The British Medical Association issued guidance almost a decade ago for clinicians to avoid wearing ties. In one study in Queens New York, nearly 50% of ties were found to contain pathogens including MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumonia, and Aspergillus. Since then, bowties made a comeback for some – but some have been unable to escape the lure of the traditional tie.

Last week, Elizabeth and Clarke (E&C) announced a new “unstainable” white shirt for women. The nano-fiber technology has been around for awhile but fabrics were often left feeling stiff. E&C says their new approach maintains the softness of silk and other fabrics.

If the nano-coating repels water so effectively, could this approach be equally effective in warding off pathogenic spread? Though men’s ties haven’t been their area, perhaps #elizabethandclark could break new ground with #elizabethandmark.

Mike Gillam, MD, FACEP 2015

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