Health Innovation Adoption Curves – From Scurvy To 2025

Health Innovation History - Vasco de Gama & Scurvy PreventionIt took consuming citrus fruits for the prevention of scurvy 264 years from discovery to widespread adoption. Today, the time from discovery to implementation is estimated at 17 or 18 years. How much can we close this gap? In this video from FutureMed, medical futurist Dr. Michael Gillam explores this answer and where he expects us to be in 2025.

Watch for Dr. Gillam’s Dispatches From…Somewhere In The Future coming exclusively to soon.

Dispatches From… Somewhere In The Future will contain some of Dr. Gillam’s best insights from the most recent FutureMed Program at Singularity University as well as what’s new in healthcare (and what will be new in healthcare).

Michael Gillam Discusses Exponential Growth.

More About Michael Gillam

Michael Gillam, MD, FACEP, is a medical informaticist, researcher, software architect, health IT strategist and board certified in emergency medicine. Most recently, he was a partner level physician executive and Director of the Microsoft Healthcare Innovation Lab which served as an incubation, technology transfer, and prototyping lab for next generation health informatics technologies. He was one of four physician directors of the team that built and sold the software which became one of Microsoft’s flagship products in healthcare, Microsoft Amalga™. He has served as Chair of Informatics for both the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Dr. Gillam has directed projects spanning technologies including: natural user interfaces in healthcare; advanced data visualization; biosurveillance; RFID tracking; automated facial image capture; enterprise search in healthcare; unified communications; gesture based interface control; Surface computing; augmented reality; and medical robotics.

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