Sliced Bread – What Took So Long?

One of the best ideas since sliced breadYou have an idea… You might even think that it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

There’s a problem though. It’s success does not depend on the value of your idea, alone… It depends more on its distribution.

In short, it’s the spread, not the bread.

What does it take to get your idea to create a buzz, to get distribution, to become a phenomenon?

And here’s the thing… “sliced bread” was not an invention, per se… it’s an idea.

An idea doesn’t have to be a product or a business. It could be a way of making your work better, or making something safer for a patient, or more understandable to a family member. The question is not whether or not you have ideas. For sure, you have ideas. The question is, what will it take to make them remarkable?

Think, express, and invent “remarkable”. Be remarkable.

Here’s how MI2 helps MedStar Health Associates:

  • Think: MI2’s web presence is all about thinking differently.
  • Express: MI2 Sense (coming very soon) is a social collaboration environment for making our work, our workplace, and our service to patients better… not because some committee decreed it… but because it is worth doing… because it is remarkable.
  • Invent: MI2’s venture creation (coming soon) will help you take your remarkable ideas from napkin-to-market. (and potentially start bringing in some dough… pun intended)
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