What’s Next After Wearables?

Mike Gillam, 9 April 2015

Recent media has been filled with evidence that wearables seem to be coming down off a hype-cycle.

  • Nike laid off 50 employees in its FuelBand hardware division.
  • A German healthcare research team gave 2,000 different wearable devices to patients and within 2 months, 80% were lost, broken, or no longer worn.
  •  Zeo, a $150 wearable device for tracking sleep, shut its doors. while SleepCycle  a $0.99 App in the App store, which uses your cell phone motion to deliver almost the same sleep data, continues into the millions of downloads.
  • FaceBook didn’t buy FitBit – rather, they bought Moves – a “dematerialized” version of FiBit which delivers almost the same movement tracking data via an app that runs on your phone.
  • Even Steven Colbert has piled on poking fun at wearables.


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