Wearables Test Drive

Brittany Singhas, 20 May 2015

They’re still in the headlines, trending on social media, and even reaching into the fields of Research and Medicine. They are Wearables.

Everywhere you turn, there is news about the next awesome wearable.

But with so many choices in an industry that moves at lightning speed, how do you know which wearable is right for you? I had no idea where to start and before now, there was no option to “rent” a Wearable. The only option was to purchase it and hope that the company would accept a return if you didn’t like it.

Needless to say, it’s difficult to decide on a wearable, but now there is an innovative company that will help you in that process.

I recently learned about Lumoid (thanks to Kevin Maloy of MI2), a company that gives consumers the chance to test-drive five wearables for several days at a minimal cost before deciding to purchase it or not.

We (MI2’ers) ordered five wearables to “rent” for a week: More

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