Hacking Healthcare

By Dr. Kevin Maloy, June 2014

What happens when you teach first year medical student to code and be entrepreneurs?

Answer: Great prototypes of original ideas on volunteering in hospitals, choosing a doctor for a virtual visit, and visualizing the business health of a medical practice.

At the advice of a long time friend, I decided to teach an eight class selective at Georgetown University School of Medicine called “Hacking Healthcare.”  I would teach medical student front end web coding.  Besides specializing in Emergency Medicine, I consider learning to code HTML/CSS/Javascript to be one of the turning points in my career.  Coding let me stop being strictly an “idea guy,” and rather become an agent of implementation.  I wanted to share this ability to make ideas happen with a new generation of medical students.  Most medical professionals are great at analysis and criticism, however, few are able to create.  I wanted to teach them to create.

I had four guiding principles More

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  1. Mike Bright: Another instance of microvolunteering in hospitals is this call-out for research on how microvolunteering actions might benefit a patient. http://helpfromhome.org/do-more/volunteer-for-us/promoting-microvolunteering-to-hospitals