How is Crowdsourcing Changing Healthcare?

Mike Gillam, 28 April 2015

Crowdsourcing has enabled companies to assemble vast assets and capabilities faster than ever before. Waze, the GPS travel navigation app acquired by Google for $1.1B, crowdsources to determine real-time traffic conditions, the locations of police officers, hazards on the road, and relies on the crowd to continually update their map using their online map editor. Map errors in your own neighborhood can be fixed by you if Waze doesn’t know a new or missing road.

1 billion people are coming online via their phones and this is opening up vast new opportunities. One area is near zero cost, crowd-sourced computation.

So hHow is crowdsourcing changing healthcare? More

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  1. MV: Really cool Mike, thanks. I think you'll also really love this emerging Crowd health research too: