Pre Spike

Remember the movie Minority Report?  It explored the notion of “Pre-Crime.”


indexSource:  Warner Brothers

There’s an analogue in healthcare– getting to “Pre Spike.”

Think about it– traditional medicine is about a human encounter typically at the time your symptoms pop outside the norm, or AFTER this happens.  Often, you hear the platitude “if we had only caught this earlier….”

That’s why today is the very best time to be a doctor.  In the pre-mHealth era, doctors spent voluminous time COLLECTING the dots (data) … so they could then CONNECT the dots (figure out what’s wrong with you), so the right therapy can ensue.  I imagine this might have been 80/20– with the 80 being dot-collection.

Leaving far too little time in the average seven-minute appointment for the discovery.

Now, as the Tom Cruise character represented in Minority Report in the scene depicted above, there will be plenty of More

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