How can Self Driving Cars Change Healthcare?

Mike Gillam, 7 May 2015

Self-driving cars seem to be on a tear. Tesla has announced they will have self-driving cars as early as this summer. Google, whose self driving car has logged over 1.7 million miles, crashed once (when a human took the wheel) and in 11 accidents all the fault of humans, believes their self-driving cars will be available by 2017. Volvo announced their self driving cars will be available by 2017.

Though it is unclear who will win the race to the road, there appears to be rampant optimism the race will be won in just a few years.

How will life change with self-driving cars?

IDEO recently joined the conceptualizing of how self-driving cars will change the world and presented the concept of “WorkOnWheels.” Instead of you driving to the office, you will “ride the office” to “work.”


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