10 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Need to Start Going to SXSW

Leatt Gilboa, 13 April 2016

This year’s SXSW was from March 11-20 in Austin, TX.

SXSW (South by Southwest) began as a music industry festival in the 80’s. Since then it has grown to include film, education, ecology, healthcare, fashion, design, social enterprise, and basically anything cutting-edge in the tech world.

More and more, healthcare is becoming a tech-focused industry. Here are 10 reasons why healthcare providers need to get their heads in the tech game and go on down to the playground of the techies: the one week in Austin called SXSW.

1. Meet healthcare startups!

Because, that unicorn might exist…but even if it doesn’t, lots of smart people are thinking about new ways of doing business and we should all be in more regular communication. Aren’t we all trying to achieve the same thing, after all?

silicon valley gif

2. Get a reality check on how far behind some of our systems are…

old man computer gif

3. Give a reality check on some of these new solutions…

Your app is going to cut costs, decrease utilization, and improve outcomes? And it’s plug and play? Oh, really?!

rihanna oh really gif

4. Experience off-the-wall workshops

Like how to tell stories with scent or how to build synthetic DNA.

mad scientist gif


Bring all the business cards. SXSW attracts folks from almost every industry. You WILL make off-the-wall connections that you won’t want to forget.

call me gif

6. Get a sense for “hot topics”

This year, virtual reality was all the rage.

mugatu gif

7. Learn from other industries

You know, for those eureka/aha/I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-think-of-that moments. Also…Questlove performed and it was great.

mind blown quest love gif

8. Help others learn about what we do

Hey…did you guys know that MI2 does human factors? and simulation? and tech transfer? and influence? and telehealth? and data science? and…oh, you didn’t? Well, we do.

sassy gif

9. Think into the future

Because sometimes it’s nice to dream about all the things we could be as an industry…where’s our moonshot?

i will not fight the future gif

10. Have a lot (like, a lot) of fun earning eternal bragging rights for getting into that surprise Sia show.

Yes…this is Sia.

sia fun gif

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