4 Quick Innovation Bites from the MAMM

Following a successful Innovations in Thinking Differently, the monthly MI2 All Minds Meeting (MAMM) was back for November and was chock-full of innovation nuggets.

MAMM November The Adjacent Possible – Nelson Soken argued that the most successful innovators have the most dots to connect, with those dots being

knowledge or experiences in semi-related fields, aka the adjacent possible. Often, when I realize I am doing some uninspired coding, I take a break and go to the National Portrait Gallery. At face value, portraiture seems to be unrelated to health data visualization. However, I’m always blown away at how artists can take an unexpected riff on portraiture. You would think all the different ways to do portraits have been done already, but not the case.  So there is hope for new data visualizations.

MedStar NowBill Sheahan from MedStar SiTEL spoke about the difficulty in educating staff when the subject content itself is rapidly changing. For example, if the CDC changes guidance on donning and doffing protective equipment, how do you keep your educational platform up to date? He demo’d the new MedStar Now App, which accomplishes this with just in time, cloud based training.

MAMM NovPatient Transfers – Nishi Rawat introduced us to her 1776 startup OpenBeds, which facilitates transferring patients between hospitals to get them the specialty care they need. Nishi delivered a great in-the-trenches story of observing a problem to implementing a solution. I wonder if anyone outside of medicine realizes how much work takes place under the hood to get patients transferred to a higher level of care.

Inventor Services – Steve Kinsey from Cleveland Clinic Innovations (who is actually embedded in our MI2 offices) demoed an early stage invention from a frontline MedStar employee.   It is remarkable how they were able to pull in MedStar clinical resources, MI2 tech knowhow, as well as outside industry to make a wonderful device and mobile app.

Looking forward to December with the first JAM session.

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