5 Tectonic Shifts in US Healthcare

Brittany Singhas & Pete Celano, 11 June 2015

We are watching several shifts in America, including a demographic transition whereby the Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age and a nutritional/diet shift whereby consumers are requesting more natural products and farm-to-table options.

There are also five tectonic shifts happening in US Healthcare right now:

  1. Consolidation: Many big healthcare systems are becoming Payers. This transition means capitated models a la Kaiser Permanente and UPMC.
  1. Cloud Platforms that tie into the EMR: The legacy patient records system used to be isolated, because of legal concerns, connector cost, and technical obstacles. Now we can connect uni-directionally or bi-directionally with the EMR, which has sparked hundreds of innovative new product offerings from companies big and small. For example, Tonic Health has survey instruments that connect to the EMR. Zoc Doc has a connector that allows for easy online appointment setting by the patient. Lastly, Airstrip allows doctors to see near-real time cardiac data directly on their mobile devices. The EMR is not going away; it’s becoming very open.
  1. Nowcare (Hello, Retailers): We live in an instant-gratification society and healthcare is no exception: People want healthcare now. A majority of ZocDoc appointments are made for the same day, the day after, or two days after. And nothing is more NOW than Virtual Visits!
  1. Optimization: Healthcare has fixed capacity. If an appointment slot goes empty on a doctor’s schedule today, that’s revenue lost forever.  Let’s use Influence Skills and Principles to help improve patient satisfaction, increase patient visits, and ensure we match the always-dynamic demand to available supply.
  1. Virtual Visits (VV): Certificates of Need no longer matter as much – we can now serve patients almost anywhere anytime. The brand increasingly matters, and in different ways to the increasingly important web/mobile audience. Think Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, MedStar Health, and Johns Hopkins.

What does all this mean for healthcare? We don’t have all the answers, but for starters, here’s a good read: Dr. Eric Topol’s book, The Patient Will See You Now.

By Brittany Singhas and Pete Celano, 2015

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