Adhesive Sensor #4: Derm

Pete Celano, 1 June 2017

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A growing wave of adhesive sensors monitor patient data, and stores-and-forwards it to the cloud directly (via Bluetooth or a data network such as Verizon) or indirectly (mail sensor in,  or bring it back to doctor’s office).

Object example:  The ePatch from CardioNet.

Question:  But have patches come to fast-moving genetics, too?

Answer:  Yes– consider the offering from La Jolla, CA-based DermTech


Their Adhesive Patch Skin Biopsy Kit is designed to collect stratum corneal tissues of the skin from nearly all locations of the body with the exception of mucosals surfaces, palmar and plantar surfaces, and areas with excessive non-vellus hair (e.g., the scalp).

The resulting tissue then can be subjected to a variety of analyses including protein, RNA, and DNA. The samples collected using the kit are sent to DermTech using overnight shipping, without the need for special storage and handling conditions.

Consider this simple on-and-off cancer diagnostics skin sensor versus the traditional approach of shaving, puncturing or excising a patient’s skin sample.  Far easier on the patient, far swifter for the provider.

DermTech has the first non-invasive gene expression platform in dermatology.  Yet more will come.


Next Month– when will we see a Sweat (dehydration) Sensor?


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