Adhesive Sensor #5: The Long Delayed Dehydration Sensor

Pete Celano, 1 July 2017

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A veritable Holy Grail in adhesive sensors always has been about sweat/dehydration.

Here’s the handsome Nix Biosensor–

As they say–

Nix is developing a sweat-based biometric sensor to monitor hydration levels for athletes, soldiers, and laborers for whom maintaining optimal hydration is critical to their safety as well as physical and cognitive performance. Our materials science approach gives rise to several key product benefits:

The key word therein is”developing.”  We’ve yet to see a dehydration sensor go “commercial;” that is, become available for sale & delivery for consumer health or medical use.  As to medical use, this might imply that the sensor has received FDA-clearance, which is a marathon of course, not a sprint.

Here’s a short list of companies working on this vexing problem–

  1. Eccrine Systems
  2. GraphWear
  3. Kenzen
  4. LVL (showing their Kickstarter campaign which raised $1,186,983 on a $50,000 goal)
  5. Nix

Research results show that an athlete experiences a 20% decline in his/her physical performance when his/her body is dehydrated by 2% and a 30% decline when the dehydration reaches 5% of body weight [SOURCE:]

And dehydration is a major reason patients end up in the ER in Cancer, to pick just one clinical entity-

In a sub analysis using a randomly selected sample (n = 443) from a retrospective medical record review (N = 2,380) of 2007 data, Livingston and colleagues reported that fever and neutropenia were the most frequent EDV diagnoses followed by nausea and vomiting, dehydration and abdominal pain for ambulatory patients with cancer. In a sample of patients (N = 363) receiving outpatient chemotherapy, McKenzie and colleagues reported that fever or fever and neutropenia, and pain were the most common reasons for unplanned hospital presentations.


Research firm Tractica forecasts that body sensor shipments are expected to increase to 68 million in 2021 from 2.7 million units in 2015.  We will see….


GraphWear SweatSmart Patch

Next Month– sleep sensors that stick-on.


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