The Big 1 of the Big 3


Pete Celano, 1 June 2016


From last week’s blog post, at the end I said:  “There’s one more tectonic plate-shifter– I will post it next week.”

To review, I think the first big two step-changers in healthcare today are New Payer Models and Virtual Visits (2way audio/2way video) + Coaching (text messaging).

And the third?  Hyperlocal.



It used to be healthcare was moored to the notion of a Hospital– almost always in a densely populated part of a city.  And hospitals, of course, are circumscribed by Certificates of Need.

Now healthcare increasingly is being offered right near where consumers live or work, urban/suburban– if not in their actual homes or offices.


    1. HOME, SWEET HOME:  Consumers can now get a vast array of goods delivered to their very doorsteps (Hello, Amazon).  And part of home delivery is moving to SAME DAY.  Thus (of course) healthcare must meet this expectation, too.
    2. NEW DEVICES:  There’s been astonishing progress in screening and diagnostic devices that can be deployed in outpatient locations anywhere/everywhere, and even brought to the home.  Here’s an object example:  A handheld device called RetinaVue from WelchAllyn, to detect diabetic retinopathy, without needing to dilate the patient’s eyes.
    3. MAPPING:  There’s never been more promise & peril in choosing outpatient sites, urgent care locations, and the like.  One needs to be profoundly cognizant of where the CVS and Walgreens locations are, Target and Walmart, Quest and Labcorp, Imaging Centers … it goes on and on.  There are a number of young companies such as DC-based (“actionable local intelligence”) that are taking a clean sheet of paper here, and helping healthcare players large and small to survive and prosper in the Hyperlocal Era, where placing the right type of office in the right place is only FURTHER complicated by the rise of Virtual Visits.

–> You’ve heard the expression “Fortune favors the bold?”  That’s true in healthcare, and equally true today is:

“Fortune favors RIGHT nearby.”



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