Blending with the Cloud

Kevin Maloy, 3 March 2015


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During today’s JAM Session we began to integrate the Internet of Things into our physical lives.

Using IFTTT we created recipes to help people be more mindful, use the treadmill desks in our office, and ultimately change ourselves.

Some of our favorite recipes from the JAM were:

1. Mindfulness and Presence

The people you are interacting with are the most important people in the world – at that moment. Treat them as such. It will improve every realm of your life. Be more present & mindful at work, at home, and with friends. Before joining a meeting or starting a scheduled event with family or friends, receive an SMS reminder to be mindful.

2. Walking Meeting

Have a conference call? Take a walk while you talk. Get active. Be productive. Feel better.

3. Steps to the Car

Get more steps in by taking the long way to your car at the end of the day.

Try our recipes and start changing your life.


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