Innovation Inspiration: The Boy Who Made Peace with Lions

Taylr Jesinger, 19 April 2015

Think you need Silicon Valley to be an innovative genius? Think again. This innovator isn’t even old enough to drive. Confronted with an age-old problem, Richard Turere, a young Maasai boy of the Kenyan savanna, found a way to resolve the problem with lions that preyed on his village’s livestock and threatened safety. His keen observation and ingenuity led to his groundbreaking invention that protected his village’s livestock without harming endangered lions. Richard’s inspirational TED talk reminds us that innovation can be accomplished with the right mix of determination, creativity, and mindset. In healthcare, great ideas often get squashed by the “myth of the expert other,” where we rely on the specialist or the “expert” to resolve issues. The next time you’re confronted with a complicated issue, try asking yourself how Richard would solve the problem.

Watch the TED Talk: My Invention that Made Peace with Lions


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By Taylr Jesinger, April 2015

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