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Leatt Gilboa, 23 February 2016

Stuff Innovators Say

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Words have meaning.

But sometimes we, being the excitable creatures we are, overuse words and their meanings to the point of exhaustion. We end up either changing the meaning completely (see title of post) or, worse, eliminating any association with the word’s original intent, a phenomenon called “semantic saturation”.

We think hard about the words we use. As you can imagine, one of the words most precious to us is “Innovation”. Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent spike in the interest in healthcare innovation, we wonder: is “Innovation” at risk of losing its meaning?

In an attempt to avert the disaster that is the dilution of the powerful concept of Innovation… please enjoy the following video, which we hope can bring us back to the roots of what we do, far removed from the semantics surrounding us.

See our video!

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