Making Health History

Sarah Ingersoll, 22 June 2016

This week we are celebrating making. “We are at a critical inflection point in our history”, says Susannah Fox, Chief Technology Officer of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In this brief video, she discusses how new tools and access to the internet are “[leveraging] the American spirit of invention to create ways for people to live more independently, in better health, and with greater dignity.”

So “what would happen if the creativity of the American people were unleashed” into the landscape of well-established organizations, like MedStar, and start-ups that invent health?

I’m new to the maker movement, but what I’ve seen this week, which President Obama declared as a week of making, is an energy, enthusiasm, and insight that I believe has the potential to generate powerful solutions in the healthcare space.

Tomorrow, clinicians, engineers, designers, patients, caregivers, and inventors are coming together to share their work — from 3-D printed prosthetics and hospital equipment to assistive devices. MedStar Health, HHS IDEA Lab, and National Institutes of Health are joining together to host Making Health. Organizations like TechGarden, Children’s National Hospital, the CDC, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, FutureMakers, and many others are coming together to share their work.

The day will be dedicated to celebrating how tinkering, technology and design tools are transforming healthcare.

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