Recommended Reading for Health Care Innovators

crowdsourced-mindmap-health-innovation-readingWhat’s in your break room?

At the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), we have the usual… a fridge, some cabinet space, a sink, a microwave, a coffee maker (essential), and… a BAWB a huge whiteboard. It is only 3 weeks old now, but so far it’s been great for the occasional inspiring quote, funny doodle, or important message.

As we closed out 2013, though, it began to take on a new, much cooler function. We began crowdsourced mind mapping. Seeing that we were heading into the new year, we decided to collect some interesting reading. Here were the results:

Here are the mind maps, PDFs, outlines, etc (Right click & choose “Save As…”):

Which books would you recommend? Post them in the comments below… (If you’re in MedStar Health, join the book discussions on MI2 Sense, our social collaboration platform)

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