Rise of the Employer

Healthcare is evolving rapidly on so many fronts; all the smart inventors have raced to the space.


And there’s another hopeful fact:  The Employer is about to pile in.

Here’s a key statistic: 55% of Americans get health insurance through employers, and employers pay for nearly 75%of premiums. At the same time, less-than-optimal care, such as care that is excessive, ineffective, or even harmful, costs a typical employer between $1,900 and $2,250 per employee every year. For a firm with just 300 employees this represents as much as $675,000 in a given year [SOURCE: RWJ Foundation Report, January 2013].

PREDICTED:  Employers will begin seeking far more bang for their bucks.  Specifically, they’ll be leaning on Providers and Payers alike for the answers to the following three hard-hitting questions–

  1. What’s your Virtual Visits strategy?
  2. What’s your Home Monitoring strategy?
  3. What’s your Wearables strategy?



Make no mistake, Employers are tracking the myriad innovations that have come to healthcare with a gimlet eye regarding outcomes and costs.  They will want crisp answers.

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