Patient Safety 2010

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  • [rokbox size=”700 550″ title=”Competencies & Choosing Consciousness” text=”Competencies & Choosing Consciousness”][/rokbox] – Ed Tori
  • Welcome – Bill Thomas
  • What Can Healthcare Learn from the BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster? – Terry Fairbanks
  • Form Over Function: How Forms Trump Safety – Karen Gott
  • Hand-Off Communications: Is The Smart Card The Answer?
  • Hospital Mortality Rates: False Prophet of Quality & Safety – Roger Leonard
  • The Dark Side of Patient Safety: Patient Safety’s Unintended Consequences – Gerben DeJong
  • HFACS – It Works in Aviation, Why Not In Healthcare? – Scott Shappell
  • Patient Safety in the OR & the Normalization of Deviance – Stephen Parker
  • Fatal Distractions: Why Good Parents Leave Their Children in the Car to Die – Bonnie Sakallaris
  • Shattering the Quality Ceiling – Peter Basch
  • “De-Collateralizing” Safety: A Key to Safety Innovation – Mik Pietrzak