Innovation in Learning?

The way we learn, interact with, and apply information is changing. Memorization and recall, although quite valuable, are giving way to other skills that are more applicable to an age where the information available is too vast to contain. The ability to find accurate, relevant information, for example, is one such skill. The appropriate application of that information is another. This is certainly the case when it comes to health, wellness, and healthcare delivery.

Innovative Learning in Healthcare

With increasing complexity and volume, combined with diluted relevance, knowing and doing are changing. Must our acquisition of knowledge and skills change? Certainly, in the high-risk environment of healthcare, we better find out.

Thinking Differently about Innovation in Learning

Innovative Learning Resources and Centers

Innovation in Learning at MedStar:

SiTEL - Innovative Learning and TrainingSiTEL – Simulation and Training Environment Laboratory
Learn. Virtually Everywhere.™

MedStar Health and MI2 have created a unique collaboration between nurses, physicians, computer scientists, game designers, human factors engineers, instructional designers, researchers and educators to create innovative training and education solutions for high-risk environments.

  • SiTEL manages four clinical simulation centers for MedStar Health, with locations including Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Vivian T. Thomas High School for Medical Arts, and Harbor Hospital in Baltimore. Since SiTEL’s inception, over 16,000 trainees have benefited from real-world training on leading-edge medical simulators in these authentic environments.
  • SiTEL’s intelligent learning management system tracks learner performance and offers analytical tools to training managers.
  • Over 700 institutions and 75,000 users, including physicians; residents; medical students; emergency medical technicians, and police and fire rescue personnel, use SiTEL’s online training courses.
  • SiTEL’s Idea Lab blends and refines concepts from simulation and online training, and pairs software development with instructional methodologies to produce future services and solutions. Eventually, each of these services or solutions is offered through SiTEL’s Online or Simulation Training.
  • Learn more about SiTEL: